urban monkey story: सिर्फ कपड़े बेचकर बना डाली Rs100 करोड़ की कंपनी!

Urban Monkey is a clothing brand. It was started in 2018. was founded by Yash Gangwal.The company was featured on Shark Tank India Season 1 in 2021. They showed their products to the Sharks and liked their products very much.

Urban Monkey product strategy

Urban Monkey is famous for its unique designs and its unique product is known for its organic cotton recycled polyester and bamboo. The products of this company are very affordable, and accessible. to a wide range of consumers, Urban Monkey makes products targeting the Gen-Z.

Urban Monkey Success

They make hip-hop-style jackets and t-shirts. Sharks like their products very much and found them unique due to which they could not get investment. After the episode of Tank, The Urban Monkey’s Sales increased by 300% and they also opened their own shop in major cities across India.

Urban Monkey is successful in making a positive impact on the fashion industry. The company’s has helped to raise awareness of sustainable fashion and has inspired other entrepreneurs to start their own sustainable businesses.

Urban Monkey Products Overview

website- www.urbanmonkey.com

Article Title urban monkey story
Startup Name urban monkey
company valuation Rs. 50 crore to Rs. 100 crore
Founder Name Yash Gangwal
Official Website www.urbanmonkey.com

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