Theka Coffee Success Story: ये लड़का Coffee बेचकर कमा रहा हैं महीने का ₹15 lakh, पढ़े पूरी ख़बर!

Theka Coffee Overview

Bhupendra Singh start Theka Coffee in 2016. First, He started selling Theka Coffee in Ahmedabad. Fresh Blue Coffee Seeds and Freshly Roasted Beans and Filter Water. Theka Coffee quickly gained a following for its delicious coffee and affordable prices.

Theka coffee in Shark Tank

Bhupendra Singh pitched his Theka coffee in Shark Tank in 2022 but he did not get any investment. Theka coffee’s popularity gained nationwide After the Shark Tank episode Theka coffee became public. 

The coffee sales were increasing very fast and After the episode aired, Theka Coffee saw a surge in sales and inquiries from potential franchisees. Theka Coffee has 40 franchise outlets across India The brand is also available online and in retail stores.

Theka Coffee has a wide variety of product brew flavors including classic black coffee vanilla flavor chocolate flowers and hazelnut. The brand also has a range of other coffee drinks.

Theka Coffee franchise model

Theka Coffee Start franchise model is a fast-growing Indian coffee chain that offers premium coffee at affordable prices. The company has a franchise model in place, allowing entrepreneurs to start their own Theka Coffee franchise outlet.

Theka Coffee products

Four things to learn from Theka Coffee (business tips)

  1. First of all, you have to choose a unique name for your product. Theka Coffee also kept its product name unique.
  2. Don’t use chemicals and any pesticides on your products Make quality products. Theka
    coffee has high-quality products
  3. strong online presence Theka Coffee has a strong online presence, with a website They do Digital Marketing They also have Social pages. 
  4. Convenient locations: Theka Coffee has franchise outlets in cities across India. Make sure your product is available in local stores in your area and then expand your product to different states and cities. all over India 

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Article Title Theka Coffee Success Story
Startup Name Theka Coffee
Founder Bhupinder Madaan
company valuation 100 crores INR

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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”What flavors of cold brew coffee does Theka Coffee offer?” answer-0=”Theka Coffee offers a variety of cold brew coffee flavors, including classic black, vanilla, chocolate, and hazelnut. ” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true” css_class=””]““

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