Spice Story worth Rs 70 lakh per month company

चटनी बेचकर कमा रहे ₹70 लाख रुपए हर महीने यह तीनों लोग

Spice Story in Shark Tank

In 2023, a product came out named Spicy Story in Shark Attack. This product makes Indian Chutney. Soumyadeep and Mukherjee founded the company. Their plan is to transport Indian Chutney and Sauce all over the world and an Indian flavor to every person.

Mukherjee pitched his business to the Sharks and explained that his business is to make Spice Story products that are fresh and of very high quality and their products are free from artificial flavors and no chemicals.

So, this tells the complete information about their company and the sharks like their chutneys and their sauces very much. When the sharks taste their chutneys and sauces, after tasting them, they tell how much they appreciate. The sharks are very impressed by their size. Spice Story Products.

Mukherjee says that all three of us are very passionate about business. After a competitive wedding, Namita Thapar agreed to invest Rs 70 lakh in this company. 5% equity in this company. Gupta invested in Help and Spice.

namita thapar wants to expand his business and improve packaging, increase distribution, company value, and exports, and help the world recognize the brand, Spice Story is a very successful example, Spice Story’s product business, has raised investment, shark on shark tank, company’s products available.

Has 100 cities across India and also exports to different countries around the world Spice Story Company was founded in 2020 This company will very soon make an Indian brand of chutneys and sauces of very high quality and with fresh ingredients and very authentic Indian flavor.

spice story product

  1. Kolkata Mango Mustard Chutney

  2. Bombay Sandwich Chutney
  3. Bengali Aam Kasundi

  4. Tangra Momo Chutney

  5. Agra Saunth with Jaggery


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[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”What is Spice Story?” answer-0=”Spice Story is a company that sells a variety of Indian chutneys and sauces. This company start in 2020″ image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true” css_class=””][sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Where can I buy Spice Story products?” answer-0=”Spice Story products are sold online like Amazon or near retail stores. You can find a list of retailers on the Spice Story website. ” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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